Teacher Melanie

Melanie Anaka is excited to be joining LCIA this fall. She is an Early Childhood Educator and has over 15 years experience with kindergarten and preschool. Melanie's programs include social-emotional focus; as well as early literacy, physical activity, music, and science based activities. Melanie believes in teaching what interests the children along with preparatory skills for education and life skills. Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

Teacher Shannon

Shannon Rundle has been our ECE assistant with LCIA for 3yrs and with her she brings a fun, creative twist to the program.  You can always find her getting down and dirty in the sandbox, making latte's at the playground drive-through, or swinging hammers at the tool bench.  Teacher Shannon's love of kids is obvious with her infectious enthusiasm and pizazz!

Teacher Ashley

Ashley Mazda is an Early Childhood Educator with over 10 years experience. Her creatively planned pre-school program includes daily activities such as art, science, music, movement, circle time, language, literacy plus much more. Ashley is thrilled to be with LCIA!