Terrific Tadpoles

3yr old program

Tuesday and Thursday

As teacher Ashley’s philosophy states, social and emotional development as well as independence are extremely important during the preschool years and this is what the Tadpole program is all about!!

Children learn to help themselves, make choices, and follow direction while cooperating and getting along with others. Teacher Ashley leads both small and large group activities such as music, movement, circle time, art, and science. Sharing and communication with classmates is encouraged, as well as independent use of the bathroom!

In preparation for the Fabulous Frogs program, the Tadpoles will work on their literacy and language skills such as writing, letter recognition and sounds, as well as working with colours, shapes and numbers. During these theme based activities, teacher Ashley gets to enjoy a more one on one experience with the children. Each day the Tadpoles get to participate in dance or gymnastics.  It is very important for preschool aged children to be physically active multiple times throughout the day. Rain or shine the Tadpoles will get their silly’s out in the dance studio, in the gym, or on the playground. Active bodies, active minds!


Teacher Ashley’s Fantastic Frogs program is full of kindergarten readiness activities rolled into a fun, engaging theme based curriculum. Some of the themes included are dinosaurs, transportation, nutrition, and safety, just to name a few. Frogs rotate through a variety of learning centers that stimulate imagination and facilitate cooperativeness while sharing with and caring for others. Calendar time introduces the days of the week and months of the year. This is a great opportunity for teacher Ashley to introduce the Frogs to simple math, patterns, and graphs. The Frogs build on their literacy and language with multiple letter activities, circle time readings, and creative writing opportunities. Throughout the program, teacher Ashley leads the Frogs through a variety of fun and creative science experiments and art projects based on monthly themes.

Each day the Frogs get to participate in dance, gymnastics or music. It is very import for preschool aged children to be physically active multiple times throughout the day, and rain or shine the Frogs will get their silly’s out in the dance studio, in the gym, or on the playground. Active bodies, active minds! Fantastic Frogs also get to experience the benefits of music in their preschool program. Understanding music helps with child development in so many ways: positive problem solving skills, self expression, growth of memory skills, and ultimately an understanding of music can help foster a positive self–esteem and self confidence.  

Active Afternoons 

Ages 2.5-4yrs

LCIA offers a licensed afternoon child care program that runs from 12:30pm – 3:30pm. Children will start their afternoons by having lunch (provided from home) then free play in the pre-school room and the outdoor playground. This will be a great complement to the morning program as it will allow younger children to prepare for preschool and help older children prepare for the longer days of kindergarten. 

Preschool students will continue their day seamlessly into the afternoon program. Students may drop in to the afternoon program if space permits. Our afternoon program is a great way to keep your preschooler engaged and active all day!!

Lynette McMechan

KiddyKeys Instructor

KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children ages 2½ to 5. Our methods enable and encourage children to learn about the piano and music in ways that best meet their needs, maximizing their ability to understand and enjoy what they are learning.