As young children grow they need positive guidance and nurturing to encourage development in all imperative areas of themselves. I believe that there are five crucial aspects of a child’s “self” that require fostering throughout the early years:  social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative. I also believe that the most effective way to foster these areas of development is through play.

At Lake Country Imagination Academy children will be given opportunities to explore many different learning centers daily. As they explore and engage with their peers and teachers they will be learning cooperation, communication, empathy, language and literacy, self-control, fine motor skills, intellectual skills and much more!! This all happens in a controlled environment where the children are respected, safe and loved.

Relationships built on open communication with the families are very important when guiding and caring for young children. It is essential that families and caregivers to work together to ensure that consistency is maintained between home and preschool.

Promoting independence in children is also very important. As children develop independence, they gain a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. I encourage children to be independent and praise them for their hard work, efforts and accomplishments.

We maintain a safe and healthy classroom by making sure that all equipment and supervision meets or exceeds safety regulations. I strongly encourage families to provide nutritious snacks as well as encourage the children to eat healthy. In addition, I model safety, health and hygiene practices always.

As young children learn, develop, and accomplish they gain competence which gives them the confidence to continue learning!